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Here are the 106 lakes we have listed within USA > Midwest > Wisconsin - compared by Longest Shorelines.

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Lake Name Shoreline length in miles Lake Description
Lake Michigan-Huron
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / Illinois, USA / Indiana, USA / Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
5,463 Lake Michigan-Huron Pictures Lake Michigan and Lake Huron - two of North America's Great Lakes - are contiguous and they share the same elevation of 577 feet above sea level. They are connected by the five-mile-wide Straits of Mackinac. Hydrologically, this makes these "two lakes" a single lake. Some hydrologists designate the ...
Lake Superior
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / Michigan, USA / Minnesota, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
2,726 Lake Superior Pictures Skipping over state and country borders, Lake Superior, the largest, deepest, coldest, cleanest, least developed, and most pristine of the Great Lakes, reigns as the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. By volume, this 31,820 square mile colossus ranks fourth - a whopping 2,900 cubic ...
Lake Michigan
(Great Lakes / Illinois, USA / Indiana, USA / Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
1,638 Lake Michigan Pictures As the only Great Lake nestled completely within the boundaries of the United States, Lake Michigan is the pride and joy of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. The lake boasts a huge area of 22,400 square miles, making it the largest freshwater lake (by surface area) in the world to be contained ...
Lake Chippewa
(Wisconsin, USA)
233 Lake Chippewa Pictures Also known as: Chippewa Flowage, Hayward Lakes
Tucked away in Sawyer County in northwest Wisconsin, Lake Chippewa is a rare undeveloped paradise. Called the "Big Chip," Lake Chippewa is one of Wisconsin's largest inland lakes and tops the list for pristine water and wilderness. Lake Chippewa was formed by the construction of the Winter Dam on ...
Turtle-Flambeau Flowage
(Wisconsin, USA)
229 Turtle-Flambeau Flowage Pictures Called the "Crown Jewel of Wisconsin," Turtle-Flambeau Flowage is a beautiful undeveloped getaway. Its quiet water, plentiful fish and wildlife and private wooded shores make it a perfect vacation destination for nature enthusiasts from all over. The Turtle-Flambeau Flowage was created with the ...
Eagle River Chain of Lakes
(Wisconsin, USA)
174 Eagle River Chain of Lakes Pictures Eagle River Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Cranberry Lake, Catfish Lake, Voyageur Lake, Eagle Lake, Scattering Rice Lake, Otter Lake, Lynx Lake, Duck Lake, Yellow Birch Lake, Watersmeet Lake.
The Eagle River Chain of Lakes in far northeastern Wisconsin is known to fishermen as prime Musky water, but the lakes are also a prime vacation destination for the entire family. The Eagle River Chain includes nine lakes that span 3,928 acres with 68 miles of shoreline: Catfish Lake, Voyageur Lake, ...
Long Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
99 Long Lake Pictures There are 59 lakes in Wisconsin named Long Lake, but only one has the state designation of "Walleye Capital of Wisconsin." Long Lake near Sarona in southeast Washburn County offers fantastic Northwoods fishing. With the surrounding Northwoods and all of its trails and wildlife, Long Lake is an outdoor ...
Lake Pepin
(Minnesota, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
85 Lake Pepin Pictures Lake Pepin is the largest lake on the Mississippi River, formed about 9,500 years ago by the backup of water behind sediments where the Chippewa River empties into the Mighty Mississippi. Lake Pepin occupies a 28-mile portion of the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. This glacial lake once extended ...
Lake Winnebago
(Wisconsin, USA)
85 Lake Winnebago Pictures Lake Winnebago Message Forums American white pelicans skim across the surface of Lake Winnebago, fishing alongside the anglers below. Birds and fishermen alike flock to the beautiful lake waters in the Central Sands Prairie Region of Wisconsin, both hoping to catch one of the many fish in the lake. The pelican wants breakfast. The ...
Castle Rock Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
73 Castle Rock Lake Pictures Also known as: Castle Rock Flowage
Castle Rock Lake offers what lake lovers want: a lot of water, an abundance of fish, and countless beautiful views. Castle Rock one of Wisconsin's largest inland lakes, covering an impressive 16,640 acres. The lake and the surrounding area are a great nature getaway, promising visitors a chance to ...
Chetek Chain of Lakes
(Wisconsin, USA)
61 Chetek Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Six Lakes
Tucked in the midst of the Wisconsin's Lake Superior Northwoods Region lies the Chetek Chain of Lakes, also known as Six Lakes. Centuries ago, inhabitants of the Ojibway tribe first named this natural waterway "Little Pelican" in their native tongue. From south to north, the series soft water drainage ...
Manitowish Chain of Lakes
(Wisconsin, USA)
59 Manitowish Chain of Lakes Pictures Manitowish Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Manitowish Chain O Lakes, Manitowish Chain, Manitowish Lakes
Located in the heart of scenic Vilas County, the Manitowish Chain of Lakes is truly a northern Wisconsin vacation paradise. The chain consists of ten sparkling lakes known for great fishing along with breathtaking beauty and quiet seclusion for swimming, canoeing, camping, and bird watching. With a ...
Lake Wisconsin
(Wisconsin, USA)
57 Lake Wisconsin Pictures The bald eagle soars overhead its flight following the path of the Wisconsin River below. The river winds across the bottom of the state swelling gradually and filling with boats and people. The brightly colored boats don't matter to the eagle. He's looking for fish. For the people below, however, ...
Lake Wissota
(Wisconsin, USA)
56 Also known as: Wissota Lake
If you are a Titanic (the movie) fan, you might remember Jack Dawson saying that he grew up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. He also mentioned that he used to fish on Lake Wissota when he was young. The problem with that statement is that the Titanic sank in 1912, and construction didn't begin on Lake ...
Eau Claire Lakes
(Wisconsin, USA)
45 Eau Claire Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Upper Eau Claire Lake, Middle Eau Claire Lake, Lower Eau Claire Lake
Among Wisconsin's more than 15,000 lakes is the Eau Claire Lakes Chain, made up of three larger lakes and eight spring-fed smaller ponds. The Chain including the largest of the 11, the Upper Eau Claire, Middle Eau Claire and Lower Eau Claire Lakes, rest in Bayfield and Douglas Counties in the Lake ...
Namekagon Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
43 Namekagon Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Namekagon
Surrounded on all sides by the beautiful Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Lake Namekagon is a great Wisconsin Northwoods getaway in Bayfield County. The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest is over a million acres of Wisconsin's beautiful Northwoods, and the forest is a restoration success. By ...
Lake DuBay
(Wisconsin, USA)
42 Lake DuBay Pictures Also known as: DuBay Flowage
Located in central Wisconsin near Stevens Point, Lake DuBay is a great place to boat, fish and explore. Lake DuBay straddles Portage and Marathon Counties. It is an impoundment of the Wisconsin River sometimes referred to as the hardest working river in the country because of its importance for hydroelectric ...
Beaver Dam Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
41 Beaver Dam Lake Pictures Beaver Dam Lake Message Forums Surrounded by south-central Wisconsin farmland, Beaver Dam Lake on the Beaver Dam River is a beautiful rural getaway. Conveniently located 40 miles northeast of Madison and 60 miles northwest of Milwaukee, Beaver Dam Lake is easily accessible to city dwellers. Falling within Wisconsin's Southern Savanna ...
Stone Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
40 Stone Lake Message Forums Stone lake is a beautiful 525-acre, glacier formed lake located near the town of Hayward in Washburn County, Wisconsin. The quiet community of Stone Lake sits on the eastern shore of the lake and is best known for its Cranberry Festival held the first full weekend of October. Over 30,000 people travel ...
Lake Nokomis
(Wisconsin, USA)
35 Lake Nokomis Message Forums It is no accident that Oneida County's motto is "Where nature lingered longer." Wisconsin's Northwoods are truly inspiring. With over a thousand lakes Oneida County has one of the largest concentrations of water bodies in the world. Lake Nokomis is part of Rice Reservoir which is the largest body ...
Nelson Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
31 With its undeveloped shoreline and beautiful water, Nelson Lake joins the other Hayward Lakes as a fantastic Wisconsin destination. Historically there wasn't much logging or farming in the part of Sawyer County around Nelson Lake. So rather than growing from a utilitarian need, Nelson Lake was always ...
Tomahawk Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
30 Oneida County is known as the place "Where nature lingered longer." With over a thousand lakes, 68,447 acres of water and tens of thousands of acres of Wisconsin Northwoods, the phrase is certainly appropriate. One of the places nature lingered is on beautiful Tomahawk Lake. Oneida County has one ...
Green Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
29 Green Lake Pictures Also known as: Big Green Lake
Green Lake, also known as Big Green Lake, is exceptional, and it has the statistics to prove it. It's Wisconsin's deepest natural inland lake: only Lake Wazee, a man-made lake in Jackson County, is deeper. It's also the oldest resort community west of Niagara Falls. What is truly exceptional, however, ...
Lake Koshkonong
(Wisconsin, USA)
27 Lake Koshkonong Pictures Sprawled across southern Wisconsin, just a few miles down the Rock River from Fort Atkinson, Lake Koshkonong is a fantastic place to boat and fish. The Southern Savanna Region lake has a rich history, plentiful wildlife and thousands of acres of beautiful water to draw visitors from all over. Formed ...
Lake Puckaway
(Wisconsin, USA)
27 Also known as: Puckaway Lake
Lake Puckaway spans more than 5,000 acres in Green Lake County, part of Wisconsin's Central Sands Prairie Region. The family hungering for an old-fashioned Wisconsin lake get-away will find their dream vacation here. The name Puckaway is believed to come from the word "Apuckawa", meaning "the place ...
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