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Here are the 30 lakes we have listed within USA > Mid-Atlantic > New York - compared by Largest Lakes - Water Volume.

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Lake Name Volume in acre-feet Lake Description
Lake Ontario
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / New York, USA)
1,328,025,600 Lake Ontario Pictures Lake Ontario, one of the world's five Great Lakes, weaves over state and country borders, delighting Americans, Canadians, and visiting tourists with its deep, clear, clean waters. Proudly home to a staggering 4,700,000 acres (7,340 square miles), Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Great Lakes, the ...
Lake Erie
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / New York, USA / Pennsylvania, USA / Michigan, USA / Ohio, USA)
391,987,200 Lake Erie Pictures Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes of North America, straddles the borders of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and the Canadian province of Ontario. The lake is named after the Native American tribe that inhabited its shores before being killed off by the Iroquois League for aiding their enemy, ...
Lake Champlain
(Quebec, Canada / New York, USA / Vermont, USA)
20,916,400 Lake Champlain Pictures Lake Champlain, straddling New York and Vermont in the USA, and Quebec in Canada, is a natural freshwater lake seated 96 feet above sea level. Briefly designated a Great Lake by President Bill Clinton in 1998, Lake Champlain reaches a maximum depth of 400 feet, covers an impressive 435 square miles, ...
Seneca Lake
(New York, USA)
12,566,054 Seneca Lake Pictures Seneca Lake Message Forums Seneca Lake, one of western New York's famous Finger Lakes, is the largest lake to be entirely contained within the borders of the state. Seneca Lake stretches out over a vast 43,343 acres and 38 long miles, with Watkins Glen on the south shore and Geneva on the north shore. With a maximum depth of ...
Cayuga Lake
(New York, USA)
7,672,208 Cayuga Lake Pictures Cayuga Lake Message Forums Cayuga Lake, located in western New York, is the second largest Finger Lake in both surface area and volume. Boasting 38.2 miles in length, 1.7 miles in average width, 42,956 surface acres, and a maximum depth of 435 feet, this Finger Lake will give you all the room you need to explore. The parks ...
Lake George
(New York, USA)
2,380,000 Lake George Pictures Sitting pretty at the base of New York's majestic Adirondack Mountains, Lake George's nickname is "Queen of American Lakes." The 28,000-acre glacial lake is dotted with islands and notable rock formations, and is surrounded by lovely mountains and scenic vistas. Though its history is rich, today the ...
Lake St. Francis
(Ontario, Canada / Quebec, Canada / New York, USA)
2,269,997 Lake St. Francis Pictures Lake St. Francis Message Forums Also known as: Lac Saint-Francois
Lake St. Francis is part of the 2,340 mile system of locks, canals, and channels that link the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River known as the St. Lawrence Seaway. The 31 mile long lake borders southeastern Ontario, southwestern Quebec, and northern New York State. Lac ...
Skaneateles Lake
(New York, USA)
1,301,206 Skaneateles Lake Pictures Skaneateles Lake, pronounced "skany-atlas" or "skinny-atlas," is one of New York's famous Finger Lakes. Its name means "long lake" in one of the local Iroquois languages, and it reaches out over three counties: Cortland, Cayuga, and Onondaga. The lake sits at an elevation higher than the other Finger ...
Great Sacandaga Lake
(New York, USA)
865,473 Great Sacandaga Lake Pictures Great Sacandaga Lake Message Forums Also known as: Great Sacanadaga Reservoir
Great Sacandaga Lake, located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, is a reservoir built to control flooding on the Hudson River and the Sacandaga River. But the functionality of the dam is often overlooked as residents and visitors alike think of Great Sacandaga Lake as a year-round recreational ...
Owasco Lake
(New York, USA)
650,603 Owasco Lake Pictures Owasco Lake is the sixth largest of the eleven Finger Lakes. Its name, from a Mohawk or Iroquois term, translates to "crossing." The Finger Lakes were formed thousands of years ago by the region's receding glaciers. Although Owasco Lake is an impressive 177 feet deep, it is relatively shallow compared ...
Conesus Lake
(New York, USA)
586,392 Conesus Lake Pictures Livingston County, New York considers Conesus Lake to be its pride and joy, the jewel of the county. Indeed, this Finger Lake's original Seneca name means "Always Beautiful," and with emerald green shores and sapphire blue waters, Conesus Lake lives up to both of its names, affording the area's residents ...
Allegheny Reservoir
(New York, USA / Pennsylvania, USA)
579,840 Allegheny Reservoir Pictures Allegheny Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Kinzua Dam Lake, Kinzua Lake, Lake Kinzua
Flowing across tree-covered hills in northwestern Pennsylvania and southwestern New York, the Allegheny Reservoir's 12,080 acres provide an open invitation to enjoy and explore the great outdoors. Located in Warren and McKean Counties, Allegheny Reservoir is part of the Pennsylvania Wilds Tourism Region. ...
Chautauqua Lake
(New York, USA)
544,000 Chautauqua Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Chautauqua
Chautauqua Lake, located in idyllic Western New York state, has been a destination for vacationers for more than a century. At 1,308 feet above sea level, Chautauqua Lake is one of the highest navigable bodies of water in North America. Only about 6 miles from the shores of Lake Erie, Chautauqua Lake ...
Oneida Lake
(New York, USA)
255,360 Oneida Lake Pictures Oneida Lake Message Forums Covering more than 51,000 acres, Oneida Lake is the largest lake located entirely within the state of New York. Named after the Iroquois Nation Oneida Tribe who lived in the area, Oneida Lake is about 21 miles long and more than five miles wide at its widest point. The lake is one of the links in the ...
Raquette Lake
(New York, USA)
231,572 Raquette Lake Pictures Raquette Lake Message Forums Also known as: Racquette Lake
Raquette Lake lies in the center of Adirondacks Park - a natural, unspoiled gem that draws nature enthusiasts from around the world. Raquette Lake (sometimes spelled Racquette Lake) is the largest natural lake in the Adirondacks, with nearly a hundred irregular miles of shoreline, 80% of which is owned ...
Indian Lake
(New York, USA)
170,235 Indian Lake Pictures Indian Lake Message Forums Surrounded by the grandeur of the Adirondack Mountains, Indian Lake, in northern New York's Adirondack Vacation region, is a 4,365-acre lake well known for its year round attractions. With a southwest to northeast orientation in the hamlets of Indian Lake and Lake Pleasant in Hamilton County, Indian ...
Chateaugay Lakes
(New York, USA)
92,418 Chateaugay Lakes Pictures Chateaugay Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Upper Chateaugay Lake, Lower Chateaugay Lake
Sprawling across nearly 3,200 acres near the Canadian border, the Chateaugay Lakes are held dear in the hearts of many northern New Yorkers. Located entirely within the Adirondack Park borders, Upper Chateaugay Lake and Lower Chateaugay Lake are connected by the main channel of the Chateaugay River. ...
Hemlock Lake
(New York, USA)
88,997 Hemlock Lake Pictures Hemlock Lake, at just 7 miles long and a half mile wide, is one of New York's smallest Finger Lakes, and one of two reserved for supplying water to the City of Rochester. The 1,800-acre reservoir is located in southeast Livingston County, just 25 miles south of Rochester, and serves as a quiet example ...
Otisco Lake
(New York, USA)
64,753 Otisco Lake Pictures Approximately 20 miles southwest of Syracuse, New York, Otisco Lake is the easternmost of the 11 Finger Lakes. Just under six miles long, 3/4 miles across at its widest point, and 60 feet deep at its deepest point, it is seventh in size among the Finger Lakes. It is fed at the southern end by Spafford ...
Fulton Chain of Lakes
(New York, USA)
62,784 Fulton Chain of Lakes Pictures Fulton Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Fulton Lakes, Fulton Chain
The Fulton Chain of Lakes is a string of eight sparkling lakes located in the scenic Central Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. The chain begins with Old Forge Pond in Herkimer County and ends at Eighth Lake before it reaches Raquette Lake in Hamilton County. All of the lakes in the chain are ...
Long Lake
(New York, USA)
53,001 Long Lake Message Forums Located in the heart of New York State's majestic Adirondack Mountains, 4,077-acre Long Lake is indeed the longest lake in the area stretching for 14 miles through Hamilton County. Over half of the shoreline has been developed, but much still retains its original wilderness setting. The hamlet of Long ...
Canadice Lake
(New York, USA)
35,599 The smallest of New York's famous Finger Lakes, Canadice Lake measures just 3 miles long and 1/2 mile wide. Its 640 acres are almost wholly undeveloped, making Canadice Lake appear as untouched as it did hundreds of years ago. As the highest Finger Lake in elevation, Canadice Lake also offers sparkling ...
Honeoye Lake
(New York, USA)
29,154 Honeoye Lake Pictures Honeoye Lake, one of New York state's famous Finger Lakes, is located in beautiful Ontario County. Clean and pristine, this minor Finger Lake is the county's blue jewel, providing residents and visitors with more than 1,700 acres of outdoor activity and water fun. The lake, whose name is an Iroquois ...
Swinging Bridge Lake
(New York, USA)
28,000 Swinging Bridge Lake Message Forums Also known as: Swinging Bridge Reservoir
Swinging Bridge Lake is a Catskills lake located in southern Sullivan County, New York and was formed by the damming of the Mongaup River in 1926 for hydroelectric power. Bethel, Forestburgh, Lumberland, and Thompson are the four townships that border Swinging Bridge Lake. The lake's name derived ...
Sleepy Hollow Lake
(New York, USA)
12,951 Sleepy Hollow Lake Message Forums Sleepy Hollow Lake and the surrounding area proclaim to be the "Best Kept Secret in New York." Nestled in Greene County between the Hudson River and Catskill Mountain Range, 324-acre Sleepy Hollow Lake is a private lake with scenic mountain views and historic surroundings. Surrounding the shores ...
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