Why Vacation or Retire on Lakes?

  1. When you vacation on lakes, you won’t need to travel hundreds of miles. There are probably 2-5 recreational lakes near you. Find them on Lakelubbers!
  2. Lakes provide year-round recreation. After brilliant fall colors fade and temperatures dip at your favorite lakes, winter activities - snowmobiling, cross-country and downhill skiing, ice fishing, and hiking - take center stage on lakes.
  3. Lakes offer miles of shoreline and coves to explore. If you enjoy fishing, boating, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching, hiking, camping, or hunting, lakes offer varied terrain: bucolic farmland, green forests, lush parks, mountains, rocky cliffs, and more.
  4. You can buy a lakefront retirement home or find inexpensive vacation rentals on lakes - for just a fraction of the cost of a house at the seashore or ski slope.
  5. On lakes, you can go shore fishing or pier fishing free, without hiring an expensive charter fishing boat.
  6. Lakes exist from 227 feet below to 13,020 feet above sea level. Look for high-altitude lakes - on Lakelubbers - to beat summer heat and humidity.
  7. Freshwater lakes are more comfortable for swimming than saltwater. Freshwater lakes leave no itchy salt residue on your skin.
  8. You can swim or water ski on lakes without fearing stinging jellyfish, sea nettles, Portuguese man-of-war, sharks, and other saltwater hazards.
  9. There’s no corrosive saltwater spray near lakes to damage your car or your home. Houses last longer on lakes.
  10. You’re unlikely to get seasick when you’re boating on freshwater lakes.
  11. You can store your boat on freshwater lakes without flushing out your motor every time you go fishing.
  12. You’re unlikely to face flooding due to hurricanes or global warming.

Why do you love lakes?