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Mexico Lakes: Shore View of Laguna Bacalar

Laguna Bacalar

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Lakes in Mexico

Lake Name Lake Summary
Baccarac Lake Baccarac Lake Pictures Also known as: La Presa de Bacurato
Lake Baccarac, also known as La Presa de Bacurato, is located in the Northern Pacific tourism region of Mexico, just 20 minutes from the old gold mining ...
Falcon Lake Also known as: Falcon International Reservoir
WARNING - Fall 2010: Texas officials warn Americans visiting and boating on Falcon Lake to stay within USA waters and avoid the international boundary ...
Laguna Bacalar Laguna Bacalar Pictures Laguna Bacalar boasts bright tropical birds that chatter overhead in coconut palms draped in orchids so exotic that they are reserved for special occasions ...
Laguna Milagros Laguna Milagros Pictures Also known as: Lagoon of Miracles
Laguna Milagros, the Lagoon of Miracles, is located on the south side of Highway 186, in the town of Huay Pix, 12 kilometers west of Chetumal, Quintana ...
Lake Amistad Lake Amistad Pictures Also known as: International Amistad Reservoir
The Spanish word "Amistad" translates to "Friendship" in English ... little wonder, then, that west Texas' Lake Amistad is one of the Lone Star State's ...
Lake Avandaro Lake Avandaro Pictures Also known as: Valle de Bravo Reservoir
He had traveled a long way to reach Lake Avandaro in Mexico, flapping tissue paper wings and riding gentle air currents following the summer south. He ...
Lake Chapala Lake Chapala Pictures Also known as: Lago de Chapala
Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest freshwater lake, is renowned for its mild weather, picturesque villages and incredible sunsets. Located on a large plateau ...
Lake Patzcuaro Lake Patzcuaro Pictures Also known as: Lago de Patzcuaro
Lake Patzcuaro, in the State of Michoacan in Central Mexico plays a key role in the history of Michoacan and indeed all of Mexico. The large volcanic ...
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