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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Chicago Lakes
(Colorado, USA)
11,740 Chicago Lakes Pictures Chicago Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Upper Chicago Lake, Lower Chicago Lake, Idaho Springs Reservoir, Echo Lake, Summit Lake
One of the more popular destinations within Denver's Mountain Parks system is the trail leading to the Chicago Lakes. This Front Range trail centers around 14,240-foot Mount Evans, with a series of scenic alpine lakes set within a pristine mountain landscape. Located approximately 38 miles west of ...
Little Echo Lake
(Colorado, USA)
11,185 Little Echo Lake Pictures Little Echo Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Luena
One of the prettiest hidden sights on Colorado's Front Range, Little Echo Lake makes visitors work a bit to get there. Accessible by a mile=long trail heading into the James Peak Wilderness Area, Little Echo Lake has been inspiring visitors to make the effort for well over a hundred years. The little ...
Echo Lake
(Colorado, USA)
10,600 Echo Lake Pictures Echo Lake Message Forums Echo Lake is one of the Denver metro area's most popular Mountain Parks. Located only an hour west of Denver, Echo Lake Park is the only sub-alpine park in the Mountain Park system. Its focal point is 24-acre Echo Lake, only a quarter of a mile up the path from the parking lot. Shallow Echo Lake is ...
Brainard Lakes
(Colorado, USA)
10,360 Brainard Lakes Pictures Brainard Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Brainard Lake, Blue Lake, Mitchell Lake, Long Lake, Lake Isabelle
The Brainard Lakes are some of the most heavily visited lakes along Colorado's Front Range. Five small lakes lie within the Brainard Lakes Recreation Area in the east central Indian Peaks Wilderness area of the Roosevelt National Forest. Four of the five - Blue Lake, Mitchell Lake, Long Lake and Lake ...
Lake Quivera
(Colorado, USA)
10,305 Lake Quivera Message Forums Also known as: Lake Quivira
There is no prettier lake than Lake Quivera in Colorado's Front Range Region. Tucked high into the Rockies west of Idaho Springs, Lake Quivera and its twin, Silver Lake, hold some of the clearest water found in the St Mary's Glacier area. The lake is relatively unknown as the twin reservoirs are entirely ...
Meadow Creek Reservoir
(Colorado, USA)
9,958 Meadow Creek Reservoir Pictures Meadow Creek Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Meadow Creek Lake
Meadow Creek Reservoir is a little Colorado lake with a well-deserved reputation as a desirable destination. Only 50 acres in size, the small reservoir was built in the early 1970s as a water storage reservoir for Denver Water. The little reservoir, only 58 feet deep, serves as a collection point for ...
Turquoise Lake
(Colorado, USA)
9,845 Turquoise Lake Pictures Turquoise Lake Message Forums Also known as: Turquoise Reservoir
One of Colorado's favorite high-altitude recreational destinations is Turquoise Lake. Located five miles west of vacation playground Leadville, 1,780-acre Turquoise Lake offers plenty of opportunity for avid outdoors fans to enjoy woods, water and wide mountain vistas. As part of the Frying Pan-Arkansas ...
Twin Lakes
(Colorado, USA)
9,181 Twin Lakes Pictures Also known as: Twin Lakes Reservoir
In the mid 1800's gold was discovered in Lake County Colorado, and everything changed. Settlers moved west seeking their fortunes and discovered not only gold but also the treasure of Twin Lakes. Made up of two natural glacial lakes, Twin Lakes are tucked at the base of Mt. Elbert in South Central ...
Lake Dillon
(Colorado, USA)
9,009 Lake Dillon Pictures Also known as: Dillon Reservoir
Nestled in the middle of some of Summit County's best skiing, Lake Dillon is the perfect year round getaway. With its rich history, fantastic sport fishing, and easy access to world class skiing, the lake or Dillon Reservoir as it's sometimes known, is sure to become a family favorite. The original ...
Hidden Lake
(Colorado, USA)
8,900 Hidden Lake Message Forums Also known as: Hidden Lakes
Tucked away in the Routt National Forest in the northwest Colorado Rockies, Hidden Lake offers some fantastic camping for those desiring a smaller campground away from the beaten path. At 10 acres, Hidden Lake is big enough to hide some trophy sized fish, but small enough to feel like you are on your ...
Lake Purgatory
(Colorado, USA)
8,825 Lake Purgatory Message Forums Also known as: Columbine Lake, Purgatory Lake
Set in the middle of a winter wonderland, Lake Purgatory is a private, alpine lake found in beautiful southwestern Colorado. Property owners and their guests enjoy canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing on this secluded lake where motorized boats are not permitted. Lake Purgatory is not open ...
Lake Agnes
(Colorado, USA)
8,761 Lake Agnes Pictures Lake Agnes Message Forums Set in the mountains of north central Colorado, Lake Agnes is an exclusive private lake surrounded by the aspen, alder and pines of the Routt and Arapaho National Forests. Not to be confused with Lake Agnes in Jackson County, this Lake Agnes is a peaceful retreat in Grand County a mere 26 miles from ...
Sun Valley Lake
(Colorado, USA)
8,700 Sun Valley Lake Message Forums As the world outside goes by, a mother moose and her calf go for a swim in Sun Valley Lake. It's not an uncommon occurrence on this peaceful, secluded lake. Although it's just a few miles from all the amenities of the Town of Grand Lake, Sun Valley Lake is in its own private world in Colorado's Front ...
Electra Lake
(Colorado, USA)
8,380 Electra Lake Pictures Electra Lake Message Forums Also known as: Cascade Reservoir
The majestic peaks of the San Juan Mountains stand guard over the breathtaking beauty of southwestern Colorado's Electra Lake. Found 25 miles north of Durango in La Plata County, Electra Lake is not just a destination - it is a chance to experience the rich heritage and breathtaking beauty of the American ...
Grand Lake
(Colorado, USA)
8,367 Grand Lake Pictures Nestled in the Rocky Mountains and filled with water from melting snow, Grand Lake is the headwaters of the Colorado River and one of the state's treasures. With its majestic scenery, pristine water and abundant wildlife, the lake is the perfect place for a Rocky Mountain getaway. Surrounded by ...
Shadow Mountain Lake
(Colorado, USA)
8,367 Shadow Mountain Lake Pictures Shadow Mountain Lake Message Forums Set against the backdrop of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado's Front Range region, Shadow Mountain Lake is a picture-postcard Colorado getaway. Bordered by the Rocky Mountain National Park on one side and the Arapaho National Recreation Area on the other and connected to the clear deep water ...
Monarch Lake
(Colorado, USA)
8,353 Monarch Lake Pictures Monarch Lake Message Forums Also known as: Monarch Reservoir
One of the prettiest hikes on Colorado's west slope is the trail around Monarch Lake. The small reservoir is one of the few in the area not directly a part of the massive water project that provides water to the Front Range. Monarch Lake is considered one of the 'Great Lakes of Colorado' along with ...
Lake Granby
(Colorado, USA)
8,279 Lake Granby Pictures Also known as: Granby Lake
Nestled in the shadows of the majestic Rocky Mountains near the headwaters of the Colorado River, Lake Granby is a great place for a mountain getaway. With its fishing, boating, water sports, and spectacular scenery and wildlife, this lake has something for everyone. Created in 1949 with the completion ...
Willow Creek Reservoir
(Colorado, USA)
8,130 Willow Creek Reservoir Pictures Willow Creek Reservoir Message Forums A vital link in the chain of water projects that irrigate Colorado's Eastern Slope, Willow Creek Reservoir is less-known and less crowded than many nearby larger reservoirs. As a part of the massive Colorado-Big Thompson Project, Willow Creek Reservoir is actually on the Western Slope in the Northwest ...
Red Feather Lakes
(Colorado, USA)
8,120 Red Feather Lakes Pictures Red Feather Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Dowdy Lake, Parvin Lake, West Lake, Bellaire Lake, Creedmore Lake, Lost Lake
One of the most interesting lake systems on Colorado's Front Range is Red Feather Lakes. The community's name is derived from a popular Native American concert singer's name, Princess Tsianina Redfeather, who studied in Denver and was known to some of the early residents. Located 40 miles northwest ...
Pearl Lake
(Colorado, USA)
8,065 Pearl Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lester Creek Reservoir
Capturing a scene from America's West, Pearl Lake reflects pine-covered hills, rocky peaks and expansive blue skies typical of northwestern Colorado. The names and places surrounding Pearl Lake speak of Colorado's history - hunting grounds, gold mines and sprawling ranch land. Now a peaceful haven for ...
Steamboat Lake
(Colorado, USA)
8,000 Steamboat Lake Pictures Steamboat Lake Message Forums If fishing one "gold medal" lake is good, then two must be better - and that is just what you will find at Steamboat Lake in northwestern Colorado. This angler's paradise can be found within Steamboat Lake State Park and a mere three miles southeast at Pearl Lake State Park. The more quiet fishing retreat ...
Green Mountain Reservoir
(Colorado, USA)
7,942 Green Mountain Reservoir Pictures Green Mountain Reservoir Message Forums Thousands of tourists and recreational guests come to the Colorado Rockies each year, never knowing that Green Mountain Reservoir is only a short distance away. This little-known lake is only about 20 miles downriver from well-known Silverthorne, in the White River National Forest. The 2000+-acre reservoir ...
Vallecito Lake
(Colorado, USA)
7,583 Vallecito Lake Pictures Vallecito Lake Message Forums Also known as: Vallecito Reservoir
The quest for a reliable source of irrigation water in Colorado's dry Southwest Region brought Vallecito Lake into being. Twenty-two miles north of Durango, Vallecito Reservoir serves the water needs of approximately 55,000 acres of farmers and ranchers while providing recreation to thousands of visitors ...
Blue Mesa Reservoir
(Colorado, USA)
7,503 Blue Mesa Reservoir Pictures Blue Mesa Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Blue Mesa Lake
Beautiful mesas, deep canyons, and steep rocky cliffs surround Blue Mesa Reservoir, the second largest lake entirely in Colorado. The clear, blue, mountain water of the fjord-like lake draws anglers, nature lovers, and vacationers from all over. Created in 1965 with the construction of the Blue ...
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