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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Gurudongmar Lake
(Sikkim, India)
17,150 Gurudongmar Lake Pictures Gurudongmar Lake Message Forums One of the highest elevation lakes in the world and the second-highest in Sikkim province, Gurudongmar Lake is nearly inaccessible to the average Indian traveler and officially off-limits to those traveling from a foreign country. Located at 17,150 feet, the beautiful lake maintains a milky hue year ...
Lake Imja
16,417 Lake Imja Pictures Lake Imja Message Forums Also known as: Imja Tsho
One lake receiving worldwide attention in the last few years is Lake Imja, Nepal. Also known as Imja Tsho, this glacial lake in eastern Nepal lies across the valley that holds the main trekking path to Mount Everest. A product of melting ice, Lake Imja is fed by run-off waters from Lhotse Shar, Imja ...
Tilicho Lake
16,139 Tilicho Lake Pictures Tilicho Lake Message Forums Also known as: Tilicho Tal
Tilicho Lake isn't the kind of lake you decide to drop by some weekend. The high-altitude lake in Nepal's Himalaya Mountains is located at over 16,000 feet near the Tibet border. Surprisingly, a relatively large number of visitors arrive here to view the beautiful lake during the summer months. At ...
15,060 Manasarovar Pictures Manasarovar Message Forums Also known as: Mapam Yumco, Manasa Sarovar, Lake Manas, Manasarovar Lake
One of the most revered lakes on the Tibetan Plateau is Manasarovar Lake. Also called Mapam Yumco (in Tibetan) or Manasa Sarovar, this remote lake is considered sacred by at least three major religions in Asia. One of the five holy lakes of the Indian Panch-Sarovar, Manasarovar is difficult to get to ...
Tso Kar
(Jammu and Kashmir, India)
14,862 Tso Kar Pictures Tso Kar Message Forums Also known as: White Lake
One of the three saltwater lakes in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, Tso Kar requires a bit of work to visit. The lake is very picturesque, its shores covered in salt which gives it the nickname of White Lake. Located over 100 miles from the nearest city with lodgings, Tso Kar is nonetheless quite ...
Yamdrok Tso
14,570 Yamdrok Tso Pictures Yamdrok Tso Message Forums Also known as: Yamdrok Yumtso, Yamdrok Lake
Yamdrok Tso Lake, one of four holy lakes in Tibet, lies at an elevation of 14,570 feet on the Tibetan Plateau. Long hidden from the world by the remote location of this undeveloped country and the secretive nature of both Tibetan and Chinese rule, Yamdrok Tso is finally open for tourism. Also called ...
Pangong Tso
(Southwest China, China / Jammu and Kashmir, India)
14,270 Pangong Tso Pictures Pangong Tso Message Forums Also known as: Pangong Lake
Sprawled along the border between North India and Southwest China, Pangong Tso is one of the most spectacular sights in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, India and the Chinese area of Tibet. Occupying a basin between tall peaks, the 172,800-acre lake is located at 14,270 feet elevation and usually appears ...
Chandra Taal
(Himachal Pradesh, India)
14,100 Chandra Taal Pictures Chandra Taal Message Forums Also known as: Chandrataal, Chandra Tal, Chandratal
Chandra Taal. The name evokes visions of a distant and wondrous place, of exotic vistas and a difficult journey. Located high in the Himalayas in the Indian district of Lahul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, the isolated high-altitude lake is remote, beautiful and the destination for many journeys. Important ...
Laguna Colorada
14,035 Laguna Colorada Pictures Laguna Colorada Message Forums Also known as: Lago Colorado, Red Lake, Red Lagoon
One of the world's most unique lakes, Laguna Colorada occupies an unusual ecological niche in southwestern Bolivia. The nearly 15,000-acre salt lake is less than three feet deep and a brilliant red color due to the variety of algae that proliferates in its briny waters. The unusual lake lies within ...
Lake Waiau
(Hawaii, USA)
13,020 Lake Waiau Pictures [Full Again: Lake Waiau nearly disappeared, in a shrinking process that extended from 2010 - 2015 with no clear explanation. As of September 2015, it is again full.] Tiny Lake Waiau on Hawaii's Big Island is one of the highest elevated lakes on the planet. Located at 13,020 feet above sea level, ...
Karakul Lake
12,800 Karakul Lake Pictures Karakul Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Karakul, Qarakul
Mysterious, remote and beautiful describes Lake Karakul in the Pamir Region of Tajikistan. The highest lake in the country and the highest saltwater lake in Central Asia, Karakul Lake formed from glacial meltwater in the crater created by a meteor strike over 25 million years ago. Sheltered by the surrounding ...
Lake Titicaca
(Bolivia / Peru)
12,507 Lake Titicaca Pictures Lake Titicaca Message Forums Located on the border of Peru and Bolivia is the largest freshwater lake by volume in South America, Lake Titicaca. With an elevation of 12,507 feet, this million year old lake is also one the world's highest commercially navigable lakes. All along the shores are native villages where traces of their ...
Rangkul Lake & Shorkul Lake
12,400 Rangkul Lake & Shorkul Lake Pictures Rangkul Lake & Shorkul Lake Message Forums Also known as: Ozero Rangkul, Ozero Shorkul
Those with a taste for unusual and somewhat extreme adventure will certainly want to put Rangkul and Shorkul Lakes on their list. These two natural, scenic lakes in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan are accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles. Tajikistan, a country with over 50% of its landmass at over ...
Tsongmo Lake
(Sikkim, India)
12,400 Tsongmo Lake Pictures Tsongmo Lake Message Forums Also known as: Changu Lake, Tsomgo Lake
Remote and beautiful describes India's Tsongmo Lake. The high-altitude glacial lake is fed by melting snows from the surrounding mountains and is shrouded in local myth and religious observance. Located close to the border with Chinese Tibet, the lake lies along the road to Nathu La Pass and border ...
Mojanda Lakes
12,250 Mojanda Lakes Pictures Mojanda Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Lagunas de Mojanda, Caricocha, Yanacocha, Huarmicocha
A secret just being discovered by visitors to the northern Andes is the Mojanda Lakes. Only a few miles north of the equator, the lakes were formed by the collapse of twin volcanoes. Mojanda volcano and Fuya-Fuya volcano both exploded between 200,000 and 165,000 years ago, allowing water to collect ...
Chicago Lakes
(Colorado, USA)
11,740 Chicago Lakes Pictures Chicago Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Upper Chicago Lake, Lower Chicago Lake, Idaho Springs Reservoir, Echo Lake, Summit Lake
One of the more popular destinations within Denver's Mountain Parks system is the trail leading to the Chicago Lakes. This Front Range trail centers around 14,240-foot Mount Evans, with a series of scenic alpine lakes set within a pristine mountain landscape. Located approximately 38 miles west of ...
Lagos Chirripo
(Cartago, Costa Rica / Limon, Costa Rica / San Jose, Costa Rica)
11,549 Lagos Chirripo Pictures Lagos Chirripo Message Forums Also known as: Laguna Grande de Chlrripo, Lago San Juan
Seldom seen except by dedicated high-altitude hikers, the Lagos Chirripo or Chirripo Lakes are the highest in Central America. Located just below the summit of Cerro Chirripo, the series of lakes occupy a small valley high above the well-known cloud forest in Costa Rica. From the summit, hikers are ...
Laguna Quilotoa
11,483 Laguna Quilotoa Pictures Laguna Quilotoa Message Forums Also known as: Lake Quilotoa
A special treat awaits travelers who venture off the beaten track to visit Laguna Quilotoa. This amazing turquoise lake lies in the caldera of a dormant volcano. The last major eruption occurred about 800 years ago, although there have been eruption-type events several times since then. The lake lies ...
Little Echo Lake
(Colorado, USA)
11,185 Little Echo Lake Pictures Little Echo Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Luena
One of the prettiest hidden sights on Colorado's Front Range, Little Echo Lake makes visitors work a bit to get there. Accessible by a mile=long trail heading into the James Peak Wilderness Area, Little Echo Lake has been inspiring visitors to make the effort for well over a hundred years. The little ...
Echo Lake
(Colorado, USA)
10,600 Echo Lake Pictures Echo Lake Message Forums Echo Lake is one of the Denver metro area's most popular Mountain Parks. Located only an hour west of Denver, Echo Lake Park is the only sub-alpine park in the Mountain Park system. Its focal point is 24-acre Echo Lake, only a quarter of a mile up the path from the parking lot. Shallow Echo Lake is ...
Monarch Lakes
(California, USA)
10,600 Monarch Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Upper Monarch Lake, Lower Monarch Lake
Upper and Lower Monarch Lake grace the high elevations of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Sequoia National Park. An elevation climb to 10,600 feet takes you past breathtaking views of Sawtooth Peak, Mineral Peak and Mineral King Valley to Upper Monarch Lake. Formed by a dam built in the early 1900s, ...
Brainard Lakes
(Colorado, USA)
10,360 Brainard Lakes Pictures Brainard Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Brainard Lake, Blue Lake, Mitchell Lake, Long Lake, Lake Isabelle
The Brainard Lakes are some of the most heavily visited lakes along Colorado's Front Range. Five small lakes lie within the Brainard Lakes Recreation Area in the east central Indian Peaks Wilderness area of the Roosevelt National Forest. Four of the five - Blue Lake, Mitchell Lake, Long Lake and Lake ...
Lake Quivera
(Colorado, USA)
10,305 Lake Quivera Message Forums Also known as: Lake Quivira
There is no prettier lake than Lake Quivera in Colorado's Front Range Region. Tucked high into the Rockies west of Idaho Springs, Lake Quivera and its twin, Silver Lake, hold some of the clearest water found in the St Mary's Glacier area. The lake is relatively unknown as the twin reservoirs are entirely ...
Meadow Creek Reservoir
(Colorado, USA)
9,958 Meadow Creek Reservoir Pictures Meadow Creek Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Meadow Creek Lake
Meadow Creek Reservoir is a little Colorado lake with a well-deserved reputation as a desirable destination. Only 50 acres in size, the small reservoir was built in the early 1970s as a water storage reservoir for Denver Water. The little reservoir, only 58 feet deep, serves as a collection point for ...
Lake Tota
9,892 Lake Tota Pictures Lake Tota Message Forums Also known as: Tota Lake, Lago de Tota, Laguna de Tota
Spanning almost 15,000 acres, Lake Tota is the largest lake in Colombia. Located in the Andes Highlands, Lake Tota lies at nearly 10,000 feet elevation on the eastern slope of the mountain range. For many years, the lake was considered sacred to the Muisca culture. Muisca tradition believes the lake ...
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