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Kansas Lakes and Reservoirs

Kansas Lakes: Dusk View from Horsethief Canyon

Kanopolis Lake

Kansas Lakes A-Z

Lakes in KS

Lake Name Lake Summary
Cheney Reservoir Also known as: Cheney Lake
Cheney Reservoir is the premier recreation spot for outdoor activity in south central Kansas. Constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation, it was completed ...
Clinton Lake Clinton Lake Pictures Also known as: Clinton Reservoir
Clinton Lake is a 7,000-acre reservoir located in northeastern Kansas, just south of Interstate 70 near Lawrence (between Topeka and Kansas City). Congress ...
El Dorado Lake El Dorado Lake Pictures Completed in 1981, South Central Kansas' El Dorado Lake is an 8,000-acre reservoir bordering the stunning tall grass prairies and rolling mounds of the ...
Glen Elder Reservoir Also known as: Waconda Lake
Glen Elder Reservoir, also known as Waconda Lake, is one of the most scenic and popular outdoor attractions in Kansas. Located in north central Kansas ...
Hillsdale Lake Also known as: Hillsdale Reservoir
The boat glides slowly over the tops of the submerged trees. Carefully he stalks them, intent as any predator. It's early summer on Hillsdale Lake, ...
Horsethief Reservoir Horsethief Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Horse Thief Canyon Reservoir
The newest water playground in Southwest Kansas is Horsethief Reservoir. Named for Horsethief Canyon near the dam, the new reservoir provides both flood ...
Kanopolis Lake Kanopolis Lake Pictures Kanopolis Lake is a man-made reservoir located near Ellsworth, Kansas. The lake is the result of a dam constructed from 1940-1948 on the Smoke Hill River, ...
Kaw Lake Kaw Lake Pictures Also known as: Kaw Reservoir
Kaw Lake is a large lake covering an area of 17,000 acres. Its three fingerlike "arms" lie in two midwestern states, Oklahoma and Kansas. Kaw Lake is ...
Melvern Lake Melvern Lake Pictures Also known as: Melvern Resevoir
Melvern Lake is the perfect spot in dry southeast Kansas to enjoy a week at the lake. Built in 1972 as a flood control reservoir, Melvern Lake now offers ...
Milford Lake Milford Lake Pictures Also known as: Milford Reservoir
Milford Lake is the largest reservoir in Kansas with 163 shoreline miles and 16,000 surface acres. The lake offers abundant recreational opportunities ...
Perry Lake Perry Lake Pictures Also known as: Perry Lake Reservoir
Tucked neatly into the northeast region of Kansas about 40 miles west of Kansas City, Perry Lake Reservoir provides tons of fun for those lucky enough ...
Tuttle Creek Lake Also known as: Tuttle Creek Reservoir
When construction of Tuttle Creek Dam began in 1952, the premise was that Tuttle Creek Lake would be a "dry dam" passing water on through to the river ...
Wilson Lake Wilson Lake Pictures Also known as: Wilson Reservoir
Nicknamed the "Clearest Lake in Kansas", Wilson Lake is located in the heart of the Smoky Hills of central Kansas. This reservoir is an unexpected jewel ...
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