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Lake Name Lake Summary
Erhai Lake Erhai Lake Pictures Also known as: Er Lake, Yeyuze, Kunming Lake (historic)
Known as the Pearl of the Plateau, Yunnan's Erhai Lake has been enchanting both native and foreign visitors for thousands of years. Nestled like a shining ...
Five Flower Lake Five Flower Lake Pictures Also known as: Wuhua Hai, Wuhua Lake
China's Jiuzhaigou National Park is a protected nature reserve with a beautiful and pristine collection of natural wonders. Among those are many placid ...
Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake Pictures Also known as: Tian Chi, Heavenly Pond, Heavenly Pool, Pearl of Heaven
One of the most beautiful spots in northwest China's Xinjiang Province, Heavenly Lake-Tian Chi-is aptly named. A natural lake high in the Heavenly Mountains, ...
Kanas Lake Kanas Lake Pictures Also known as: Hanas Lake, Kanasi Lake
One of the most interesting and beautiful tourist destinations in China's far northwest region is Kanas Lake. Located in the Altay Mountains, the glacially-carved ...
Pangong Tso Pangong Tso Pictures Also known as: Pangong Lake
Sprawled along the border between North India and Southwest China, Pangong Tso is one of the most spectacular sights in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, ...
Poyang Lake Poyang Lake Pictures Also known as: Boyang, Po Yang Hu, Poyanghu
Poyang Lake is China's largest freshwater lake-also known as one of China's five Great Lakes. This massive shallow lake is located in Jiangxi Province, ...
Reed Flute Cave Reed Flute Cave Pictures Also known as: Art Palace of Nature
Reed Flute Cave is one of southern China's most popular tourism spots. This fantastic cave is the highly-decorative result of an ancient underground lake; ...
West Lake West Lake Pictures Also known as: Qiantang Lake,Outer West Lake, West Inner Lake, North Inner Lake, Little South Lake, Yue Lake
One of the most beautiful engineered environments in China is West Lake. Originally a spring-fed bay on the Qiantang River, the lake was formed about ...
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