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Netherlands Lakes: Wintertime Swans at Loosdrechtse Plassen


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Lakes in Netherlands

Lake Name Lake Summary
Frisian Lakes Frisian Lakes Pictures Also known as: Sneekermeer, Tjeukemeer, Heegermeer, Fluessen, Groote Brekken, Slotermeer
Sailors the world over have heard of the Frisian Lakes. The most famous of these is the Sneekermeer. This group of about 30 lakes are man-made, the result ...
Kagerplassen Kagerplassen Pictures Also known as: Kaag Lakes
One of the most popular waterways in the Netherlands is the Kagerplassen or Kaag Lakes. This series of ten lakes is connected by canals which make the ...
Lake IJssel Lake IJssel Pictures Also known as: IJsselmeer Lake, Lake Yssel
Lake IJssel, also known as Lake Yssel and Lake IJsselmeer, stretches approximately 296,500 acres across the north central region of the Netherlands. Lake ...
Lake Markermeer Lake Markermeer Pictures Also known as: Markermeer
Markermeer is a lake that was not meant to stay; however, it is now a popular vacation getaway and nature reserve. The nearly 173,000 acre lake was once ...
Lake Ouderkerk Lake Ouderkerk Pictures Also known as: Ouderkerkerplas, Ouderkerk Lake
Lake Ouderkerk graces the Amsterdam 'Green Belt' of Amstelland like a shimmering mirage. This lovely man-made lake was dug during sand extraction for ...
Vechtplassen Vechtplassen Pictures Also known as: Vecht Lakes, Loosdrechtse Plassen, Maarsseveense Plassen, Vinkeveense Plassen
The Vechtplassen or Vecht Lakes of North Holland are one of the most famous water playgrounds in the Netherlands. Man-made water bodies created by the ...
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