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Lake Pueblo, Colorado, USA

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Map: Lake Pueblo, Colorado, USA

Lake Pueblo is located west of Pueblo, Colorado and was formed when the Arkansas River was dammed as a part of the Fryingpan/Arkansas project of the Bureau of Reclamation. Today this great lake provides irrigation, drinking water, and flood control as well as exciting recreation opportunities.

Lake Pueblo area has a rich history of development. The University of Denver states that there are 130 prehistoric archeological sites here. More current history includes the settlement of the area by Native Americans and pioneers. The Homestead Act of 1862 helped to establish the town which was formerly called Swallows and Turkey Creek who made their wealth on ranching and coal mining. In 1921 a devastating flood washed away most the town and killed 130 people. Most of the survivors left the area. A short ten years after the flood, the Fryingpan/Arkansas project began to develop.

Today, Lake Pueblo is rated as a fishing "hot spot" with over 4,500 acres of water and is situated among limestone cliffs on the north side and an awe inspiring view of Pikes Peak and breath taking views of the Sangre de Cristo and Greenhorn mountain ranges on the eastern side. Water levels fluctuate based on downstream irrigation needs. Typically, water is stored from November 15th each year to March 15th when farmers begin their planting season. But no matter what the water level, trout, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, channel catfish, bluegill, yellow perch and wiper (a cross between white bass and stripe bass) are waiting for your bait.

Lake Pueblo State Park, one of Colorado's most popular water sports areas, offers recreational facilities that were built by the Bureau of Reclamation and are managed by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources and Colorado State Parks. Water activities include sailing, boating, waterskiing, jet skiing, sailboarding, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, a huge water slide, paddle boats, bumper boats and a marina. Whitewater rafting is popular below the dam on the Arkansas River. Numerous campgrounds offer secluded campsites that allow you to enjoy the peacefulness of nature. Land adventures include beaches, horseback riding, hiking, picnicking, biking, and nature observation with photographic opportunities of mule deer, whitetail deer, bobcats, coyote, prairie dogs, raccoons, rabbits as well as several species of songbirds, hawks, waterfowl, and turkeys. Bald eagles frequent the area during the winter months.

Located in the Southeast Tourist Region of Colorado, Lake Pueblo is only a short drive to other popular tourist attractions. Throughout this region, a national scenic and historic byway retraces the path of the Santa Fe Trail which was the route early settlers took to western homesteads. Along this route you will find detours that mark early settlements, trading posts, and American Indian culture sites.

If you are looking for adventure and fun, then make plans to visit Lake Pueblo soon.

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