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Zambia Lakes A-Z

Zambia Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
African Great Lakes African Great Lakes Pictures Also known as: Rift Valley Lakes
The African Great Lakes are a little-known and often misunderstood natural feature. These lakes are not connected, for the most part, and don't even share ...
Lake Bangweulu Lake Bangweulu Pictures "Where The Water Meets The Sky" is an apt description of Lake Bangweulu in northern Zambia. The lake and wetland area is one of the most interesting water ...
Lake Kariba Lake Kariba Pictures The mighty Zambezi River is the source of Lake Kariba, which spans an impressive 1.38 million acres in the southern African nations of Zimbabwe and Zambia. ...
Lake Kashiba Lake Kashiba Pictures One of the most unusual lakes in Zambia is Lake Kashiba. This mysterious, 8.5-acre lake is a 'sunken lake'-a sinkhole that lies about 30 feet below the ...
Lake Mweru Lake Mweru Pictures Beautiful but remote describes Lake Mweru, located on the border of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (CRC). Mweru means lake in the local language. ...
Lake Tanganyika Lake Tanganyika Pictures Located in the Western Great Rift Valley of Africa, the crystal clear water of Lake Tanganyika reaches across four countries - Burundi, Zambia, Democratic ...
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