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Western Lakes A-Z

Western Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Ashmere Lake Ashmere Lake Pictures Ashmere Lake is a small, quiet lake tucked away in western Massachusetts. The 217-acre lake is surrounded by beautiful rural countryside in the towns ...
Big Pond Big Pond Pictures Also known as: Big Benton Pond, Great Lake, Lake Winiscutt
Big Pond in western Massachusetts has been known by many names, including Big Benton Pond, Great Lake, and even Lake Winiscutt. Regardless of its name, ...
Buckley Dunton Lake Buckley Dunton Lake Pictures Also known as: Buckley Dunton Reservoir
At first glance, it seems like there is nothing around Buckley Dunton Lake, near Becket in western Massachusetts - that is, nothing but trees and wildlife. ...
Colebrook River Lake Also known as: Colebrook River Reservoir
With over 800 acres of boating and fishing waters, with no residential development, Colebrook River Lake - straddling the Connecticut and Massachusetts ...
Onota Lake Onota Lake Pictures Tucked away in the gently rolling hills of the Berkshires and surrounded by the City of Pittsfield, Onota Lake is a fantastic destination in the western ...
Otis Reservoir Otis Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Otis Lake
She sits by herself on the dock at Otis Reservoir; the coffee steaming in her mug mirrors the mist coming off the water of the lake. Her husband left ...
Pontoosuc Lake Pontoosuc Lake Pictures Pontoosuc Lake is in the heart of the Berkshires, straddling the border between the City of Pittsfield and the Town of Lanesborough in the Western region ...
Quabbin Reservoir Quabbin Reservoir Pictures One of the country's largest man-made public water supplies, Quabbin Reservoir dominates the landscape in Western Massachusetts. Supplying much of the ...
Robin Hood Lake Ringed with names like King Richard Drive and Will Scarlet Drive, Robin Hood Lake in the Western region of Massachusetts conjures images of another time ...
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