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Tanzania Lakes by Region

Arusha Tanzania : Arusha (1)

Iringa Tanzania : Iringa (1)

Kagera Tanzania : Kagera (1)

Kigoma Tanzania : Kigoma (1)

Manyara Tanzania : Manyara (1)

Mara Tanzania : Mara (1)

Mbeya Tanzania : Mbeya (1)

Mwanza Tanzania : Mwanza (2)

Rukwa Tanzania : Rukwa (1)

Ruvuma Tanzania : Ruvuma (1)

Tanzania Lakes and Reservoirs

Tanzania Lakes: Lake Natron's Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano

Lake Natron

Tanzania Lakes A-Z

Lakes in Tanzania

Lake Name Lake Summary
African Great Lakes African Great Lakes Pictures Also known as: Rift Valley Lakes
The African Great Lakes are a little-known and often misunderstood natural feature. These lakes are not connected, for the most part, and don't even share ...
Lake Malawi Lake Malawi Pictures Also known as: Lake Nyasa, Lake Nyassa, Lake Niassa, Lago Niassa
Located in the East African Rift Valley system between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania, Lake Malawi -- also known as Lake Nyasa, Lake Nyassa, Lake Niassa, ...
Lake Manyara Lake Manyara Pictures Relive childhood memories in luxury by vacationing in a tree house overlooking beautiful Lake Manyara in Tanzania. This stunning lake and surrounding ...
Lake Natron Lake Natron Pictures Lake Natron in northern Tanzania is a very special lake. Lying close to the Kenya border in the eastern branch of Africa's Rift Valley, Lake Natron is ...
Lake Tanganyika Lake Tanganyika Pictures Located in the Western Great Rift Valley of Africa, the crystal clear water of Lake Tanganyika reaches across four countries - Burundi, Zambia, Democratic ...
Lake Victoria Lake Victoria Pictures Also known as: Victoria Nyanza, Victoria Ukerewe, Victoria Nalubaale
Lake Victoria -- also known as Victoria Nyanza, Ukerewe, and Nalubaale -- rakes in the superlatives: it is the largest lake on the African continent by ...
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