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Sleepy Hollow Lake Vacation Rentals

Sleepy Hollow Lake, New York, USA

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Map: Sleepy Hollow Lake, New York, USA

Sleepy Hollow Lake and the surrounding area proclaim to be the "Best Kept Secret in New York." Nestled in Greene County between the Hudson River and Catskill Mountain Range, 324-acre Sleepy Hollow Lake is a private lake with scenic mountain views and historic surroundings.

Surrounding the shores of Sleepy Hollow Lake is the community of Sleepy Hollow Lake. The Sleepy Hollow Lake population is diverse with singles, couples, families and retirees. Properties around Sleepy Hollow Lake range from cabins to homes in many price ranges, making this area available to those of modest means in addition to those of higher incomes.

The residents of Sleepy Hollow Lake take great pride in their homes and their lake. The Sleepy Hollow Lake Committee, along with a management team, sets rules and helps to enforce these rules for boating, fishing, waterskiing, and swimming. The Sleepy Hollow Lake committee also monitors the health of the lake and fish habitats. There is a 50 horsepower limit on Sleepy Hollow Lake, and jet skis are not permitted.

Enjoy a day swimming in the cool water or perhaps you may choose to go boating, canoeing, kayaking, or waterskiing. Fishing is great at Sleepy Hollow Lake for blue gill, white crappie, and especially largemouth bass. One of the best largemouth bass habitats in New York State is located in Sleepy Hollow Lake. The residents hold their own annual "Bass Tournament" for property owners and their children. Hiking, biking, and tennis are within easy access.

For some time off the lake and away from Sleepy Hollow Lake, history buffs may want to visit the nearby villages of Coxsackie and Athens which are intact historic waterfront villages. The artistic visitors may wish to visit Olana State Historic Site to view the architecture of Frederich Church. Quaint shops and boutiques abound as well as great dining opportunities. Golfers will have a hard time choosing from the many excellent golf resorts in the area around Sleepy Hollow Lake. During winter, there are even choices for downhill skiing enthusiasts.

Sleepy Hollow Lake is waiting. Come see what the "Best Kept Secret in New York" has to offer for you. Vacation rental homes are available on Sleepy Hollow Lake, so bring your family for a relaxing lake vacation.

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