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Seeley Lake, Montana, USA

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Map: Seeley Lake, Montana, USA

Tucked in the Clearwater Valley of western Montana lies a 1,025-acre body of water called Seeley Lake. This glacial lake is considered to be part of a chain of lakes, with the Clearwater River being the link that connects them all together.

Seeley Lake, though perhaps not the best-known lake in Montana, is still a wonderful place for all types of recreation. The nearby town, also named Seeley Lake, has stores, restaurants, hotels, and more for the vacationer's convenience. There are also a variety of other types of lodging, including bed and breakfast inns and resorts.

This long, beautiful lake is superb for all manner of water recreation. You can take a canoe or kayak out on the lake, and enjoy the rugged beauty of the quiet water and the surrounding landscape. You might choose to race around the lake on water skiis, or explore the lake on a pontoon boat. If you just can't get enough of playing on the water, this is definitely the place for you - the options for having fun on the lake are endless!! Other enjoyable water activities include white-water rafting on the Clearwater River, or paddling down the river's three and a half mile canoe trail. If you don't bring your own boat along, there are several rental stores in the area, where you can rent anything from canoes to paddle boats to motor boats.

The lake's beautiful waters beg anglers to come explore its depths. Fishing is a popular sport on Seeley Lake, which is well-known for its good bass fishing. You can also reel in a variety of other fish such as kokanee salmon, northern pike, perch, bluegills, and more.

In the Seeley Lake area, the fun doesn't stop even in the winter; there's almost as much to do in the icy, cold months of winter as in the summertime! More than 300 miles of snowmobile trails in the area create lots of fun exploring opportunities for snowmobilers. And for skiing enthusiasts, there's a great system of Nordic ski trails. The skiing and sled dog races held in the area add to the fun. Other popular winter activities on and around the lake include skating, snowshoeing, and ice fishing.

If you're in the Seeley Lake area at the right time, you might catch one of the fun annual celebrations. Summer brings a Fourth of July festival, complete with a parade and fireworks. Or, if you're in the area during the winter, you can enjoy Winterfest. This festival is great for enjoying some wintery fun, including a snow sculpture contest, bonfires, snow golf, and fireworks over the lake. In May, wildlife lovers will enjoy the Loon and Fishing Festival, where you can learn about the area's local wildlife, and observe loons and other local animals.

Seeley Lake is definitely a wonderful place to visit at any time. If you enjoy playing in the outdoors, you will never have a shortage of things to do at this lake - no matter what the season!

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