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Greece Lakes by Region

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Greece Lakes and Reservoirs

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Lake Prespa

Greece Lakes A-Z

Lakes in Greece

Lake Name Lake Summary
Keri Lake Keri Lake Pictures Also known as: Keri's Lake, Limni Keriou
The rocky coastline gives way to a pebbly beach that meets the clear, turquoise water of Keri Lake. Although not actually a lake at all, Keri Lake, or ...
Lake Kerkini Also known as: Limni Kerkinis
FlocksFlocks of pelicans, grebes and ducks cluster in pockets and bob on Kerkini Lake in Central Macedonia in northern Greece. In the shallows around ...
Lake Kournas Lake Kournas Pictures Also known as: Limni Kourna
Legends of water nymphs combing their hair by moonlight and water shifting through a dozen shades of aquamarine over the course of the day enhance the ...
Lake Melissani Lake Melissani Pictures Also known as: Limni Melissani
The light streams in overhead, turning the water of Lake Melassani aquamarine. The small rowboats filled with tourists float on a lake of clear, blue ...
Lake Plastira Lake Plastira Pictures Also known as: Plastiras Lake, Tavropos Reservoir
Lake Plastira, brought into existence in 1960 when the Tavropos Dam was built, has quickly developed into an international playground for visitors looking ...
Lake Prespa Lake Prespa Pictures Also known as: Prespa Lakes
"Three Countries, Two Lakes, One Future" is the motto of Prespa Park, the transnational park protecting Prespa Lake. The words provide balm for a region ...
Volvi Lake Volvi Lake Pictures Also known as: Limni Volvi
Millions of years ago an enormous lake stretched across the entire Mygdonian Basin in Greece. Lake Volvi and Lake Koronia, nestled in the lowest part ...
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