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Crystal Lake, Montana, USA

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Map: Crystal Lake, Montana, USA

Spring-fed Crystal Lake is tucked away in a remote area of Montana's Glacier County with mountains springing up on both sides. The 186-acre body of water is part of the Thompson Chain-of-Lakes, comprised of 19 lakes along a 20 mile corrider. The lakes range from three to 1,300 acres, with warm water and cold water fish species swimming beneath the depths.

Outdoor enthusiasts planning a getaway that's off the beaten path will find Crystal Lake an enjoyable jaunt, located in northwestern Montana in Lincoln County. Pack up for the weekend and snag one of the vacation rentals either on the lake or out of the way. The area is chock full of outdoorsy opportunities that will create endless memories for just yourself or with your family and friends.

A public boat launch is available on Crystal Lake for those hoping to catch air on water skies, a tube or a wakeboard this summer season. Race across the waters of this brilliantly clear lake, though be careful for canoeists and kayakers who are soaking up the mountain surroundings. Park the boat afterwards and find a peaceful place to picnic.

Wakeboarders aren't the only ones visiting Crystal Lake. Anglers looking to snag the finest fish will be well-rewarded after a patient day at the lake. Rainbow trout, largemouth bass, yellow perch and kokonee salmon take up residence for anglers' enjoyment. The body of water is a prime spot for ice fishing during the winter, and children can be seen attempting to snag a catch during this time of year.

A waterway to the north connects Crystal Lake to Lavon Lake. Smaller Lavon Lake is a no-wake lake and is available only for day use. Choose between these and nearly 20 other lakes in the area to get as much enjoyment out of the chain as possible.

If a vacation rental is not to your fancy, surround yourself with the heady scent of Douglas fir trees, which envelope Crystal Lake's shores. Roads to some of these locations are primitive, requiring high clearance vehicles if the weather has been wet. Keep a lookout for wildlife in this remote area, where black bear, elk and moose have been known to roam. Mountain goats and bighorn sheep are also mainstays in the area.

To the north of Crystal Lake lies Libby, Montana, a small town community. Wildflowers bloom brilliantly throughout the summer, including beargrass, violets, columbine, fairy slipper orchids, and buttercups. To the east of the lake is Kalispell, Montana, where a larger community resides with golf and ski resorts as well as backcountry hiking and mountain biking. The area is known for having over 2,000 artists and craftsmen in residence.

Don't let work in the big city keep you and your family from enjoying a thrilling vacation away from the fast-paced life. Slow days of fishing, canoeing, barbecuing and wildlife watching all await at Crystal Lake. It may be enough to call the area home.

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