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Canada Lake, New York, USA

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Map: Canada Lake, New York, USA

Set on the southern tip of the Adirondack State Park's six million acres, Canada Lake presents idyllic beauty with a small town feel. Alone, Canada Lake's surface area reaches out across 128 acres, though it is connected to both West Lake and Green Lake, making its total acreage roughly 710 acres. Visitors come for the beauty of the northern mountains, while locals stay for the quiet, peaceful serenity.

Canada Lake, located in the central portion of New York in Fulton County, was created for recreational purposes in 1923 by Stewarts Landing Dam. The lake is now owned and operated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Its waters reach deep below the surface, where the maximum depth is 140 feet and the average depth settled around 70 feet. Over 400 acres of the combined lakes are over 40 feet deep. A public boat launch ramp is located on West Lake, but boaters may navigate through a channel to reach Canada Lake. Small and medium-sized boats are able to pass through a culvert to reach Green Lake to the east.

Most visitors and locals come to enjoy Canada Lake for a variety of recreation reasons, from swimming and wakeboarding in the summer to ice fishing and snowshoeing in the winter. Start your day off at the marina for something fresh from the bakery and to stock up on supplies for a day on the lake. With a backdrop of New York's Adirondack Mountains, nothing will spoil the scenery during your lake exploration. Paddle out in a canoe or kayak and seek out wildlife along the lake's shoreline -- you might find a loon or two along the edges.

Due to its proximity to the Adirondack State Forest, Canada Lake has a plethora of hiking, camping and mountain biking trails within a few miles distance. The state forest covers approximately six million acres of New York, where one may find secret waterfalls, trickling streams and lakes surrounded by lush landscapes. Camp out in the area during autumn and take in the forest's kaleidoscope of colors as the sun rises through the red, yellow and gold leaves.

If you are looking for more modern furnishings than a canopy of trees, vacation rentals and real estate are plentiful on Canada Lake's shoreline. Anglers come specifically for the promising allure of fish within the lake's depths. Cast out in the early morning fog and you might snag anything from brown bullhead, lake trout, chain pickerel and smallmouth bass to lake whitefish, yellow perch and pumpkinseed. Ice fishing is popular during the winter months when powdery snow blankets the area.

Canada Lake is one area that doesn't rest during the winter -- with ski resorts less than an hour's drive away, you may find yourself racing down the mountainsides on skis or a snowboard. For a more sedate pace, pick up a trail nearby the lake for a snowshoeing or cross country skiing adventure. Or make your way to the town of Caroga Lake, a few minutes' drive from Canada Lake. This small town boasts outdoor activities all throughout the year, though coffee shops, lodges and casual dining line the tiny downtown area.

While Canada Lake may be seen as the gateway to the Adirondack State Forest, there is also reason to spend time at this quiet setting. Dust off your mountain bike and pick up speed along the area's wild trails or push off from the shoreline and explore the lake in a kayak, canoe or your own motorboat. Take your pick but don't let a visit to Canada Lake get away from you.

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