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Silver Lake, Wisconsin, USA

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Map: Silver Lake, Wisconsin, USA

During a typical summer evening at Silver Lake in northern Wisconsin, visitors spend their evenings seemingly a world away from civilization. A steady croak of bullfrog melodies fill the evening air as other wildlife find their way to the water's edge. A dense gathering of trees surround Silver Lake's one-mile shoreline, with a few lakeside lodges, vacation rentals and real estate properties peeking through the foliage.

In the past, Silver Lake was used as an old swimming hole, fed both by nearby springs and the love of locals splashing about in its waters. Now the lake is used by vacationers and long term residents looking for a quiet place to get away. Anglers fish the depths while kayakers find peace in the whispering waters.

While Silver Lake's maximum depth reaches only 16 feet, fish dart beneath the depths for any angler to snag. Various panfish, perch, bass and walleye are among the fish anglers can find lurking below on a clear, summer day. There's no need to compete with loud noises on this no-wake lake -- you'll likely only find quiet canoers and kayakers waving a friendly hello from their boat.

Keeping quiet along Silver Lake allows for an easier time when trying to spot wildlife, of which there is an abundance. Hop out of your lakeside rental and into a canoe early one morning and keep an eye out for deer. Loons have also been known to loiter around the lake, and the occasional bald eagle has been spotted perched regally atop a tree branch near the shore.

Silver Lake, which is set in the Lake Superior Northwoods tourism region, isn't the only lake around in the Hazelhurst, Wisconsin area. Hundreds of lakes formed from glaciers many years ago checker the countryside, making it easy to explore other bodies of water during any time of the year. When winter transforms the landscape into a chilly paradise, where snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross country skiing opportunities come to the forefront of things to do.

Minutes away from Silver Lake is the town of Hazelhurst, whose borders reside in the middle of the two large lakes known as Katherine Lake and Lower Kaubashine Lake. The town offers the gamut for family or solo activities. Hunters have the opportunity to catch bear, deer or small game in the area's public and private forests. Family entertainment includes a local theater showing Broadway and children's plays.

If get up and go is more to your taste, try exploring the 18 miles of wooded trails in your hiking shoes or atop your mountain bike at Bearskin State Trail, located a few miles southeast of Silver Lake. Climb over weathered hillsides on your mountain bike at one end and pedal through tall trees on the other end of the trail system.

Whether it's a quiet, solo fishing trip, a family getaway or a place to settle in for the long run, Silver Lake makes for a well rounded place to put your boots up. Because of the vast majority of things to do, lakeside rentals at Silver Lake and real estate in the area are popping up every day. Get in on the action soon!

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Silver Lake


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