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Lake Beulah, Wisconsin, USA

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Map: Lake Beulah, Wisconsin, USA

One of the prime lakes for Inland Lake sailing is Lake Beulah, Wisconsin. This 834-acre lake lies less than two hours north of Chicago. All water sports are welcome here, but sailing holds a special spot with the residents and summer visitors to Lake Beulah. The local yacht club is well-attended, well-appointed, and hosts a great many sailing events and regattas over the summer. These hardy Wisconsin sailors sometimes take to sail before the ice is completely gone from the lake!

These sailors engage in several racing leagues, including C Scow, MC Scow, Opti, Laser and more. Sailing and tennis lessong are offered at the yacht club. If you leave Lake Beulah without learning a new skill, it won't be because the locals didn't try to teach you one.

Nestled within the southern Wisconsin farmland, Lake Beulah shares the history of sailing with nearby Lake Geneva and Lake Delavan. Walworth County settled a little later than those communities along the shore of Lake Michigan. It wasn't until the 1830s that it appears any but the local Native Americans found Lake Beulah. Small settlements grew near Lake Beulah over the next fifty years such as East Troy, Mukwonago and Honey Creek.

With the coming of the Inter-urban electric railroad, travel connections were more easily made, leading visitors to explore the small towns and eventually Lake Beulah. Nearby Lake Geneva was home to many exquisite 'cottages' built by business magnates, but it doesn't appear that Lake Beulah shared in this building boom. Instead, Lake Beulah grew up catering to middle-class lake homes now being renovated to upscale summer homes.

Fishing has always been a popular pastime on Lake Beulah. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) maintains three public launch sites on Lake Beulah, and current reports say the fishing is great. Bluegill, Brown Trout, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Rainbow Trout are the species most fished for. Come winter, the ice fishing is as popular here as anywhere in Wisconsin.

Lake Beulah is primarily residential with few businesses near the shore. East Troy and Mukwanago are both less than five miles away, however, and provide anything a visitor or resident needs. Nearby, The Elegant Farmer, Wisconsin's Largest Farm Market, is located at Highways J and ES near Mukwonago. There are plenty of golf courses in the area. Hiking, bicycling and snowmobiling in season are popular local activities. There is even skydiving nearby.

An interesting stop is the East Troy Electric Railroad Museum. The volunteers who have preserved this piece of our forgotten past operate an inter-urban railroad with restored cars on seven miles of the original Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company trackage dating back to 1907. Running from East Troy to Mukwanago, this piece of living history is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Fares from the trip and from the Dinner Train fund the upkeep of the trains and cars.

Mukwanago hosts a giant flea market one weekend a month all summer. If you happen to arrive there on the night of September 2nd, you can witness the legend of Phantom (formerly called Spirit) Lake. Both Mukwanago and East Troy host festivals and summer events to the delight of summer visitors. Even rainy days at Lake Beulah can be filled with adventure.

Rental properties are available for a week's vacation or the entire summer. With Milwaukee 33 miles away, Madison 63 miles and Chicago 101 miles, this lake is centrally located for a summer home. Come, experience Lake Beulah!

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