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Southeast Lakes A-Z

Southeast Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Adobe Creek Reservoir Also known as: Blue Lake
For the true, unhurried western vacation in Southeastern Colorado, make the trip to Adobe Creek Reservoir. The reservoir, also known as Blue Lake presents ...
John Martin Reservoir John Martin Reservoir Pictures Standing among the large boulders on the gravel shore watching bald eagles soar over the water, it's easy to believe that John Martin Reservoir is an ...
Lake Meredith Water sports reign supreme on Lake Meredith, which covers more than 5,500 acres in Southeastern Colorado's Crowley County. Boating, jet skiing, fishing, ...
Lake Pueblo Lake Pueblo Pictures Lake Pueblo is located west of Pueblo, Colorado and was formed when the Arkansas River was dammed as a part of the Fryingpan/Arkansas project of the Bureau ...
Neegronda Reservoir Also known as: Nee Gronda Reservoir
Flocks of snow geese skim golden short grass prairie to land on the precious water of Neegronda Reservoir. Dotted with cottonwood trees around its shoreline, ...
Neenoshe Reservoir Also known as: Nee Noshe Reservoir
Everyone knows the song about "a home where the deer and the antelope play." For the people who live around the Great Plains Reservoirs, that home is ...
Neeskah Reservoir Also known as: Upper and Lower Queen Reservoir
Set in the golden short grass prairie of southeastern Colorado, Neeskah Reservoir is a small fertile gem of precious water. Along with its sister reservoirs, ...
Neesopah Reservoir Also known as: Nee Sopah Reservoir
Its acres and acres of grasses and grains and endless uninterrupted views have inspired legends and songs about the Great Plains. Tucked away in the ...
Trinidad Lake Trinidad Lake Pictures Also known as: Trinidad Reservoir
Seated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in southeastern Colorado, Trinidad Lake is a great place to fish, boat, sail, and enjoy the outdoors. ...
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