Newest reservoirs in Warmia-Masuria Region, Northern Poland

The year that a reservoir was first filled to the reservoir’s normal elevation – or the year that a natural lake was first dammed – is the determining factor in the age of the body of water. A large reservoir can take more than a year to fill after its dam is first closed. You can find many of the the world’s newest reservoirs on LakeLubbers in the comparison table below. Many of the world’s oldest reservoirs appear on the last page of that list. Note: For some lakes, the completion year data is unknown, so you may see fewer lakes than the total 4 articles we have published for Warmia-Masuria Region, Northern Poland lakes.

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Below are lakes within Poland > Northern Poland > Warmia-Masuria Region, Northern Poland > Compared by newest (youngest) reservoirs and the year it was completed. This list does not represent all lakes in Warmia-Masuria Region, Northern Poland, only the 4 Warmia-Masuria Region, Northern Poland lake articles we have published on the LakeLubbers website.