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Here are the 110 lakes we have listed within USA > Midwest > Wisconsin - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Spectacle Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,772 Spectacle Lake Pictures Spectacle Lake Message Forums Those dreaming of the quiet beauty of a northern Wisconsin lake will want to check out Vilas County's Spectacle Lake. Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest encompasses over a million acres in the Lake Superior Northwoods region along the Wisconsin-Michigan border. This small gem of a lake is surrounded ...
Anvil Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,739 Anvil Lake Message Forums Known as the "Jewel of the Northwoods", Anvil Lake in Vilas County, Wisconsin offers four seasons of outdoor fun and adventure. Situated in the beautiful Nicolet National Forest with clear clean water and unspoiled shoreline, this lake will quickly become your favorite vacation destination. Anvil ...
Landing Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,693 Landing Lake Message Forums Landing Lake is a sparkling 220-acre lake on the Wisconsin side of the Wisconsin-Michigan border. Connected to 131-acre Mill Lake, the two lakes offer a combined 351 acres and over seven miles of shoreline for swimming, fishing, small boats, and kayaks. Landing Lake is located in the town of Land ...
Cisco Chain of Lakes
(Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
1,683 Cisco Chain of Lakes Pictures Cisco Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Little African Lake, Cisco Lake, Thousand Island Lake, Big African Lake, Record Lake, Lindsley Lake, Fishhawk Lake, Morley Lake, Poor Lake, Indian Lake, East Bay Lake, Big Lake, West Bay Lake, Mamie Lake, Clearwater Lake
One of the lesser-known gems in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is the Cisco Chain of Lakes. This chain of interconnected lakes straddles the border between Michigan and Wisconsin, with the majority of them within Gogebic County in Michigan, two shared with Vilas County, Wisconsin and one completely in Vilas ...
Lac Vieux Desert
(Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
1,683 Also known as: Lac Vieux Lake
Lac Vieux Desert is the French name for this 4,260-acre lake of Michigan and Wisconsin. The name was given by French fur trappers who were among the first Euro-Americans to settle the area. It is an ambiguous name and has been translated variably to mean "Lake of the Old Clearing," "Lake of the Old ...
Wildcat Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,658 Wildcat Lake Pictures Wildcat Lake Message Forums Bundled in boots and a warm coat, sipping a steaming thermos of coffee, a woman steps off her back porch and treads through a barely visible path towards the snowy Wildcat Lake. The fresh powder squeaks slightly with each imprinted step; branches remain still as she brushes by them, each tiny twig encased ...
Lake Lucerne
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,644 Lake Lucerne Pictures Lake Lucerne Message Forums Also known as: Lucerne Lake
Tucked away in the Lake Superior Northwoods Region of Wisconsin, Lake Lucerne has provided the perfect getaway spot for generations of lakelubbers. The thousand-acre natural lake has served many families with prime views of a pristine lake and forest from their own front porch. Well-supplied with seasonal ...
Lake Pardee
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,640 Lake Pardee Message Forums Lake Pardee is a private, residential, 206-acre lake in Iron County, near Mercer, Wisconsin. The lake area of Mercer is known for its vast, pristine beauty. Much of Wisconsin has been developed for traffic and tourists, but the rolling landscape around Lake Pardee remains mostly untouched. Access ...
Sparkling Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,631 Sparkling Lake Message Forums In an area with an extraordinary number of lakes, Sparkling Lake sometimes slips under the radar. The lakes in Wisconsin's Lake Superior Northwoods Region have been famous for over a hundred years as fishing and vacation destinations. And no county is known to have more lakes than Vilas County. So it ...
White Sand Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,631 White Sand Lake Pictures White Sand Lake Message Forums The sound of laughter emanates from within a dense pine forest in the Northwoods region of Wisconsin at White Sand Lake. Bare feet from a group of children thud softly on pine needles as the group emerges from the trees, making a beeline for one of the lake's docks. Tossing towels and sunglasses onto ...
Little Crooked Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,627 Little Crooked Lake Message Forums Little Crooked Lake is 153-acre lake just northwest of Boulder Junction in Vilas County, Wisconsin. In a region already overflowing with natural splendor, Little Crooked Lake's ideal Northwoods location offers visitors ample opportunity for fishing, hiking, cross county skiing and some of the best nature-watching ...
Columbus Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,626 Columbus Lake Pictures Columbus Lake Message Forums Columbus Lake is a hidden gem on the road less taken. The nearly 700-acre lake is just north of Sugar Camp in the Northwoods tourism region of Wisconsin. Columbus Lake has sandy banks and tree lined shores, perfect for wildlife habitat and wading during the warm summer months. Columbus Lake just ...
Little Spider Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,622 Little Spider Lake Pictures Little Spider Lake Message Forums Little Spider Lake covers 223 acres in Wisconsin's Lake Superior Northwoods Region. Located in Vilas County, Little Spider shares a landscape dotted with lakes large and small, dense woodlands, marshes, bogs, and rivers. Among Vilas County's 1300 lakes and streams, Little Spider Lake attracts little ...
Catfish Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,615 Catfish Lake Message Forums Also known as: Eagle River Chain of Lakes
Centerpiece of the Eagle River Chain of Lakes, Catfish Lake holds a special spot in the hearts of visitors to the Lake Superior Northwoods region of Wisconsin. The largest lake in the chain, Catfish Lake is a natural lake and a favorite of both anglers and resort visitors to the Eagle River area. Settled ...
Otter Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,614 Otter Lake Message Forums Also known as: Eagle River Chain of Lakes
Otter Lake is one of more than 1,300 lakes, 73 rivers and streams, and a half million acres of forest found within northeastern Wisconsin's Vilas County. With those numbers you can be assured that fishing tops the list of activities at Otter Lake. The good news for those who don't fish is that Otter ...
Manitowish Chain of Lakes
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,601 Manitowish Chain of Lakes Pictures Manitowish Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Manitowish Chain O Lakes, Manitowish Chain, Manitowish Lakes
Located in the heart of scenic Vilas County, the Manitowish Chain of Lakes is truly a northern Wisconsin vacation paradise. The chain consists of ten sparkling lakes known for great fishing along with breathtaking beauty and quiet seclusion for swimming, canoeing, camping, and bird watching. With a ...
Manitowish Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,601 Manitowish Lake Message Forums Also known as: Manitowish Chain of Lakes
Tucked into the middle of the Manitowish Waters Chain in Vilas County Wisconsin, Manitowish Lake is one of 10 lakes: Little Star Lake, Island Lake, Rest Lake, Clear Lake, Fawn Lake, Spider Lake, Stone Lake, Wild Rice Lake, and Alder Lake linked by navigable channels. Manitowish Lake directly connects ...
Rest Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,601 Rest Lake Message Forums Also known as: Manitowish Chain of Lakes
Located in Wisconsin's Vilas County, Rest Lake is part of the Manitowish Waters Chain which includes 10 beautiful lakes: Manitowish Lake, Little Star Lake, Island Lake, Rest Lake, Clear Lake, Fawn Lake, Spider Lake, Stone Lake, Wild Rice Lake, and Alder Lake linked by navigable channels. Rest Lake is ...
Wild Rice Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,601 Wild Rice Lake Message Forums Also known as: Manitowish Chain of Lakes
Secluded by wilderness in the center of Wisconsin's Vilas County, Wild Rice Lake is one of 10 magnificent lakes in the Manitowish Waters Chain of Lakes which are linked by navigable channels. The other lakes in the chain include Little Star Lake, Island Lake, Rest Lake, Clear Lake, Fawn Lake, Spider ...
Trout Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,600 Trout Lake Pictures Trout Lake Message Forums Also known as: North Trout Lake, South Trout Lake
Hiding in plain sight behind a relatively common name, Trout Lake in Wisconsin's Vilas County offers nearly 4,000 acres of clear, cool water. Even in a county with the most lakes in the state, this spectacular water body in the Lake Superior Northwoods Region stands out for beauty, superb fishing and ...
Dam Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,598 Dam Lake Message Forums Also known as: Sugar Camp Chain of Lakes
A year round destination in the Northwoods Region of Wisconsin, Dam Lake in Oneida County offers fun, excitement and relaxation to its visitors. Beautifully situated in the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest, undeveloped land abounds for those who wish to step back in time and away from ...
Lost Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,594 Lost Lake Message Forums Lost Lake is a sparkling 541-acre lake just north of Saint Germain in Vilas County, Wisconsin. Bordered on the south by the American Legion State Forest and to the north by the Northern Highland State Forest, Lost Lake's ideal Northwoods location offers visitors ample opportunity for hiking, camping, ...
Brandy Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,591 Brandy Lake Message Forums Hundreds of lakes are located in the Northwoods region of Wisconsin, and Brandy Lake is among these aquatic gems. Although Brandy Lake is small, covering about 110 acres, it is big on recreational possibilities. Summer months find visitors cooling off by taking a refreshing swim or hiking in the woods, ...
Pelican Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,590 Oneida County in Wisconsin's Northwoods has over a thousand lakes and over 68,000 acres of water making it one of the largest concentrations of water bodies in the world. A surprising number of those lakes are called Pelican Lake. The largest of the lakes with the name and the largest individual lake ...
Tomahawk Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,585 Oneida County is known as the place "Where nature lingered longer." With over a thousand lakes, 68,447 acres of water and tens of thousands of acres of Wisconsin Northwoods, the phrase is certainly appropriate. One of the places nature lingered is on beautiful Tomahawk Lake. Oneida County has one ...
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