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Central Philippines Region Philippines : Central Philippines Region (2)

Metro Luzon Urban Beltway Philippines : Metro Luzon Urban Beltway (1)

Mindanao Super Region Philippines : Mindanao Super Region (1)

Philippines Lakes and Reservoirs

Philippines Lakes: Aga Khan Museum at MIndanao State University

Lake Lanao

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Lakes in Philippines

Lake Name Lake Summary
Laguna de Bay Laguna de Bay Pictures Also known as: Laguna Lake
Laguna de Bay is the crown jewel of the Philippines. Set in Luzon, the largest island in the Philippine archipelago, this 240,000-acre freshwater lake ...
Lake Lanao Lake Lanao Pictures Although the second-largest lake in the Philippines and considered one of 17 ancient lakes of the world, Lake Lanao is little known and seldom visited ...
Lake Pinatubo Lake Pinatubo Pictures Also known as: Lawa ni Apo Malyari
Lake Pinatubo was created in the aftermath of the second largest volcanic eruption in the 20th century. Located in the crater of Mount Pinatubo in the ...
Taal Lake Taal Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Taal, Bombon Lake
Taal Volcano became extremely active in January 2020. The content below was produced prior to that date. We are leaving our description of Lake Taal online, ...
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