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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Mystic Lake
(Montana, USA)
7,637 Mystic Lake Pictures Mystic Lake Message Forums One of the prettiest lakes in Montana's Yellowstone Country is Mystic Lake. This beautiful lake sits at 7,637 feet above sea level in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and can be reached only by a more-than three-mile trail. The trail is somewhat steep in spots, and can be dangerous in bad weather, ...
Quake Lake
(Montana, USA)
6,468 Quake Lake Pictures Quake Lake Message Forums Also known as: Earthquake Lake
In a natural phenomenon seldom seen in today's world, a massive earthquake and landslide created Montana's Quake Lake in 1959. In pre-recorded history, a young, restless earth formed many lakes when existing watercourses were blocked. Earthquake Lake, more commonly shortened to Quake Lake, is one of ...
Two Medicine Lake
(Montana, USA)
5,164 Two Medicine Lake Pictures Two Medicine Lake Message Forums Also known as: Middle Two Medicine Lake
Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park is one of three popular lakes close together and sharing the Two Medicine name. The middle lake, usually referred to as Two Medicine Lake, is the site of a popular campground and a ranger station. The Two Medicine area was one of the most visited parts of ...
Leigh Lake
(Montana, USA)
5,144 Leigh Lake Pictures Leigh Lake Message Forums Often described as one of the world's most unique lakes, little Leigh Lake holds waters so clear that viewers feel as though they could reach down and touch the bottom many feet below. The lake, located in Montana's Glacier Country, is the largest in the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Area portion of ...
Grinnell Lake
(Montana, USA)
5,040 Grinnell Lake Pictures Grinnell Lake Message Forums Also known as: Grinnell Lake Trail, Lower Grinnell Lake
Grinnell Lake is the reward at the end of the Grinnell Lake Trail. And what a reward it is! The entire trail, although considered one of the easiest hikes in Glacier National Park, also offers some of the most spectacular scenery. The trail skirts several lakes and offers beautiful views of the Continental ...
Fishercap Lake
(Montana, USA)
4,944 Fishercap Lake Pictures Fishercap Lake Message Forums Fishercap Lake is a secluded, almost secret spot in Montana's remote Glacier National Park wilderness. Spectacular jagged mountains surround this tiny 12-acre lake on all sides, the lake's crystalline surface mirroring the peaks on a clear day. This is one lake that people visit only by foot, breathing ...
Lake Josephine
(Montana, USA)
4,882 Lake Josephine Pictures Lake Josephine Message Forums One of the prettiest lakes in Many Glaciers Valley is Lake Josephine. This glacier-fed lake covers 137 acres upstream from better-known Swiftcurrent Lake and receives numerous visitors over the course of a year. A highlight of any trip to the east side of Glacier National Park, Lake Josephine takes ...
Swiftcurrent Lake
(Montana, USA)
4,875 Swiftcurrent Lake Pictures Swiftcurrent Lake Message Forums When many visitors to Glacier National Park think of lakes in the area, it is often Swiftcurrent Lake that comes to mind. Often photographed, this beautiful little glacier-fed lake hosts the Many Glaciers Hotel and is the one most park visitors to the east entrance first see. Stunning, with towering ...
Ennis Lake
(Montana, USA)
4,820 Ennis Lake Message Forums In 1905 the Montana Power Company built a dam on the Madison River, creating Ennis Lake. The two and a half mile long lake stretches across Montana's Gold West Country in some of the state's best fly fishing territory. Its proximity to Yellowstone National Park makes it an exceptional home base for ...
Saint Mary Lake
(Montana, USA)
4,484 Saint Mary Lake Pictures Saint Mary Lake Message Forums Also known as: St. Mary Lake, Saint Mary's Lake, St. Mary's Lake
At 3900 acres, Saint Mary Lake is the second-largest lake in Glacier National Park. Saint Mary Lake is one of the most visited lakes, because the popular 'Going To The Sun Road' travels along the northern side of the lake for several miles. The road offers several spots where car travelers can get down ...
Waterton Lakes
(Alberta, Canada / Montana, USA)
4,199 Waterton Lakes Pictures Waterton Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Chief Mountain Lake, Knights Lake, Kootenay Lakes
"Where the mountains meet the prairies" is the motto of Waterton Lakes National Park, the home of three Waterton Lakes that straddle the Montana-Alberta, Canada border. This unique landscape is one of the very few places where the prairies meet the Rockies without the transitional foothills common in ...
Bowman Lake
(Montana, USA)
4,030 Bowman Lake Pictures Bowman Lake Message Forums Bowman Lake is located in the northwest corner of scenic Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. The crystal clear waters of Bowman Lake reflect the peaks of the Livingston Mountain Range in Glacier National Park's North Fork region. Just 32 miles south of the Canadian border, the simplicity and ...
Kintla Lake
(Montana, USA)
4,008 Kintla Lake Pictures Kintla Lake Message Forums One of the most remote campgrounds that can be reached by car in Glacier National Park graces the shore of Kintla Lake. Beautiful Kintla Lake lies in the far northwest corner of the sprawling park, about 40 miles north of the park's west entrance and south of the Canadian border. When park brochures ...
Seeley Lake
(Montana, USA)
4,000 Seeley Lake Pictures Tucked in the Clearwater Valley of western Montana lies a 1,025-acre body of water called Seeley Lake. This glacial lake is considered to be part of a chain of lakes, with the Clearwater River being the link that connects them all together. Seeley Lake, though perhaps not the best-known ...
Ashley Lake
(Montana, USA)
3,998 Ashley Lake Pictures Ashley Lake Message Forums Also known as: Ashley Lake
Ashley Lake is a special treat in Montana's Glacier Country. Several miles of gravel road are required to get to the lake's shore, so it is never overcrowded. The nearest large town is Kalispell, 16 miles away. The 2,850-acre lake is an amazing shade of turquoise blue when the sun hits it in the afternoons. ...
McGregor Lake
(Montana, USA)
3,998 McGregor Lake Message Forums Clear, deep McGregor Lake shines in northwestern Montana's Glacier Country. Set against the backdrop of the Flathead National Forest and the Flathead Valley, McGregor Lake is surrounded by some of Montana's most abundant recreation opportunities. Ski slopes, snowmobile trails, golf courses and hiking ...
Canyon Ferry Lake
(Montana, USA)
3,797 Canyon Ferry Lake Pictures For lake lovers who relish the beauty of nature and the wonder of wildlife, there's no better place to relax and have fun than at Canyon Ferry Lake. At 35,181 acres, Canyon Ferry Lake is one of Montana's largest lakes, and one of the most popular recreational lakes in the state. It's long and narrow, ...
Hungry Horse Reservoir
(Montana, USA)
3,560 Hungry Horse Reservoir Pictures Hungry Horse Reservoir Message Forums Hungry Horse Reservoir in Montana's Glacier Country offers a wealth of recreational opportunities to northwestern Montana visitors. The nearly 24,000-acre lake provides flood control and hydroelectric power to the area as well as being a focal point for recreation within the Flathead National Forest. ...
Thompson Chain of Lakes
(Montana, USA)
3,398 Thompson Chain of Lakes Pictures Thompson Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Loon Lake ,Horseshoe Lake, Chrystal Lake, Upper Thompson Lake, Middle Thompson Lake, Lower Thompson Lake, McGregor Lake, Lavon Lake, Little Loon Lake, Banana Lake, Bootjack Lake, Cad Lake, Cibid Lake, Lilly Pad Lake, Myron Lake, Rainbow Lake,Topless Lake
Most visitors driving along US 2 in Montana's Glacier Country region have likely admired the Thompson Chain of Lakes as they passed. Located about 45 miles south of Libby, the group of glacial kettle lakes along the highway present a lovely view of one of Montana's more remote vacation destinations. ...
Tally Lake
(Montana, USA)
3,349 Tally Lake Message Forums Also known as: Talley Lake
Tally Lake, in Montana's Glacier Country region, is fast becoming a favorite among the adventurous. Located 15 miles west of the town of Whitefish, the lake lies in the Salish Mountains within the Flathead National Forest, providing tons of active outdoor entertainment for hikers, campers and water ...
Spoon Lake
(Montana, USA)
3,241 Spoon Lake Message Forums Set along the western edge of Montana's Glacier National Park, amid towering mountain peaks and lush, echoing valleys, Spoon Lake rests in an outdoor lover's paradise. Rugged hiking trails surround the pristine lake and plenty of wildlife can be seen on a daily basis. The city of Columbia Falls, also ...
Lake McDonald
(Montana, USA)
3,153 Lake McDonald Pictures Lake McDonald Message Forums It's barely daylight and his family is still sleeping in their lakeside cabin on Lake McDonald. He was so eager; he couldn't wait. Nothing breaks the quiet of the morning except the swish and pop of his fly road as he casts for trout in Lake McDonald. For years he's dreamed of vacationing in Glacier ...
Swan Lake
(Montana, USA)
3,070 Swan Lake Pictures Swan Lake Message Forums Montana conjures images of snow-capped mountains and clean waters full of fish, and Swan Lake more than lives up to that reputation. Surrounded by the Flathead National Forest in Glacier Country, Swan Lake is popular with boaters while still maintaining its isolated forested character. It is nestled ...
Crystal Lake
(Montana, USA)
2,998 Crystal Lake Message Forums Spring-fed Crystal Lake is tucked away in a remote area of Montana's Glacier County with mountains springing up on both sides. The 186-acre body of water is part of the Thompson Chain-of-Lakes, comprised of 19 lakes along a 20 mile corrider. The lakes range from three to 1,300 acres, with warm water ...
Echo Lake
(Montana, USA)
2,998 Echo Lake Message Forums Tiny islands, curving coves and wide bays are part of the allure of northern Montana's Echo Lake. Coupled with mountains, wildlife, and the smell of the fresh outdoors, and this 725-acre lake is hard to forget. Grab your summer or winter gear and plan your trip to this piece of paradise. Echo Lake ...
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